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With the global economy in such turmoil and daily ‘doom and gloom’ stories bombarding us in the media, many individuals are no longer sure of their financial future. What seemed like a solid plan for the future a few years ago, has suddenly prompted a number of important, yet unanswered, questions. Questions such as “Can I still afford to retire?”, “Is it time to rebalance my investments or stay put?”, “What can I do about my debt load?” or “Will the markets stabilize?”

To help answer some of these questions, Aaron has begun holding seminars and short ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions. These information-only seminars are in high-demand and have been very well received by both the participants and the hosting venues, bringing a new level of understanding of finance issues everyone faces at some point in their lives … especially with the economy in its current state.

The sessions are offered free of charge, they don't interfere with any existing pension carriers and there is no obligation … there is nothing to buy, and no specific investments are mentioned, just tips and strategies that everyone can use to help make their financial dreams a reality.

If you feel that your colleagues or employees could benefit from one of Aaron's sessions, or would like to learn more, contact Aaron today.