Sunday, January 8, 2012

Resolve to take control of your finances ... not just for the New Year

We’re now into January and if you are like most people, your New Year’s resolution has already fallen by the wayside.  While this may not be an issue if your resolution was to try the latest fitness craze, hopefully you’re taking a different approach with your finances.
The New Year is a good time to decide to take control of or reevaluate your finances, and a proper financial resolution should include investment planning, cash flow planning, education planning, estate planning, insurance planning, retirement planning, and income tax planning.  The key to a successful financial plan however, is tailoring each of those elements to you and your needs.  This might seem overwhelming to some, but creating and maintaining a financial plan is a long-term endeavor and is something that needs to be revisited regularly to ensure it still addresses your goals and concerns.  Therefore, to help you achieve your goal, it is a good idea to put a professional advisor on your financial team to make sure you get exactly the right plan for your situation.  Just as we use personal trainers to motivate us and help us achieve our fitness goals, a financial advisor with the qualifications, tools and track record you can count on, is key.  They will work with you both today and into the future.

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