Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How does your advisor get paid?

Some people may think that it's not appropriate to ask someone how they get paid, but when it comes to your advisor, it's not just appropriate ... it's imperative.

While an advisor's compensation structure is in no way the only measure of the type of service you will receive, it is a very important question to ask when looking for an advisor.

An advisor may earn a salary, commissions, trailer fees, an hourly consultancy fee or any combination of the above, and while there is no right or wrong pay structure, the way they are paid certainly can help determine how comfortable you will be when dealing with that advisor should you decide to work with them.

Ted Rechtshaffen recently submitted a story concerning this very topic to Globe Investor, and raises some interesting points. Follow the link below and give his story a read ... then go ahead and ask your advisor how they get paid, it's worth your peace-of-mind.

Source: Globe Investor

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